How Marz Lovejoy Live Streamed her Birth to Raise Awareness about Racism in Birth

You may know that the maternal mortality rate in the United States is abysmal (we rank 55th according to the World Health Organization in fact). And you may have also heard that statistic is even more dismal for people of color, and Black birthing people specifically.

And while there is so much work to be done, we want to highlight those that are already doing this work. In our neck of the woods, in Minnesota, there are a lot of amazing people.

  • The MN Healing Justice Network – a grassroots network of people of color who are activists, healers, birth workers and more.
  • Everyday Miracles – a diverse group of doulas and childbirth educators that serve underrepresented families during the pregnancy year.
  • Roots Birth Center – owned and led by Midwife, Rebecca Polston, one of only about a dozen BIPOC-owned birth centers in the country.

And this year, in 2020, we're grateful for one of the most fierce voices to join this fight for birth justice, Marz Lovejoy. Marz is working with a team of Midwives and Doulas (including one of our own Mina members!) for her homebirth. And she is LIVE STREAMING IT, as a way to raise money and awareness around birth options for families.

Her efforts have raised over $30k raise awareness about home birth for BIPoC people and specifically to help LGBTQ folks hire doulas of color for their births. And if that’s not enough, she is also using the funds to provide scholarships for birth workers of color.

Having reached her initial goal, Marz designated some of the funds to support the family of Amber Isaac, the Bronx woman who died as a complication of childbirth after tweeting her concerns about her care.

We invite you to be as in love with Marz’s mission as we are and contribute to this fundraising effort. You can join the fight here.

In a piece in Glamour, Lovejoy says,

“This is one of the ways I feel that I can help in a crisis,” Lovejoy says. “It’s so unfortunate to me that so many women throughout history have had miserable birthing experiences. You created life. I don’t care whatever vehicle or device or building you build. Nothing compares to creating a life.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Big love and best wishes to you Marz for a safe and peaceful birth!

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