Opal McCarthy

Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA


I offer full spectrum postpartum care and vaginal steam therapy. I am a certified Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Provider, and a Vaginal Steam Facilitator through the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute.Several deep dreams guide my work... To restore the womb + pelvic bowl as a liberatory source of power. To honor birth, pregnancy loss, and abortion as profound passages worthy of care. And to remember the gifts of these passages as portals into creative potential, interdependence and radical community-weaving.I am passionate about serving people who might not otherwise receive care, and especially at thresholds where grief, shame, or bewilderment need tending. For me, full spectrum means acting as your companion in the places where the full power of your pelvic truth is as risk of being denied or silenced.Through holistic body therapies, heart-listening, nourishment, ceremony and community-weaving, I offer a refuge where your womb or pelvic passages can find belonging.


Pelvic Steam Therapy


Licenses + Certifications


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