Nadine Ashby

Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA
Community, Unity, Equity. Holistic doula care.


From the moment I join your birth team, I devote myself to providing warm and nonjudgmental support. No matter how you decide to bring your baby Earthside, you deserve to feel safe, be heard, and be believed. As your doula, I will stand with you and your family every step of the way to amplify your voice, keep you grounded, and remind you who you are!I would be honored to create space for you to lean into your intuitive wisdom and help you create memories that you will cherish forever.


Birth Doula
BIPOC Provider


Birth Center Birth
Birth Inductions
Extended Nursing (beyond 18mos)
Families of Color
First Time Parents
Home Birth
Hospital Birth
Induced Labor
LGBTQIA+ Experience
Lip Tie
Medicated Vaginal Births
Previous Birth Trauma
Solo Parents
Survivor of Sexual Abuse
Survivors of Previous Trauma
Tongue Tie
Un-medicated Vaginal Births

Licenses + Certifications


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