Margaret Peyton

Here to support you through birth and other seasons.


Hi, I'm Margaret (she/her).I'm a Minneapolis-based, DONA-certified birth doula. I am also a sexual health educator, and a postpartum doula. After graduating from the College of St. Benedict in 2013, I was a Peace Corps health volunteer in Guatemala (2014- 2016). Upon my return to MN, I began work at a local nonprofit, CLUES, as a sexual health educator - leading parent workshops, and teaching young people as well. I completed my first birth doula training in September 2018, and completed a postpartum doula training in July 2019. After supporting clients as a volunteer with Everyday Miracles, I launched my small business, Solstice Birth MN, in January 2020. I continue to work as a sexual health educator at CLUES, while serving doula clients as well. I have experience supporting birthing people through unmedicated births, hospital births, out-of-hospital births, water births, inductions, epidurals, and cesareans. I've supported families of color, immigrant families, and queer families. I've supported younger birthing people, and birthing people considered "advanced maternal age." I've also recently entered the world of postpartum work and look forward to continuing to support parents during that season of life as well.My favorite doula "tools" are my empath's intuition, Spinning Babies skills, and trauma-informed practices. My backup doulas' support is invaluable!! I feel honored to support families through all kinds of transitions.


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