Kori Stephens

Eden Prairie, MN 55346, USA
Holistic Coach + Lightworker + Magic Keeper


Hey, I'm Kori. I am so glad you're here. I witness and empower mothers in their own rebirth, alignment and awakening. I am here to listen, nudge and encourage you to get curious about the barriers keeping you from feeling at home in your body and to discover whatever wholeness might mean for you so that you can mother from a place of deep self-compassion.I work with people who are looking for guidance and support to reconnect with their true self. I am a multi-passionate dreamer, writer, community builder, holder of sacred space and wholehearted mother to two amazing little boys. My greatest hope is to partner with you as a spiritual guide and holistic coach, encouraging you to access your innate wisdom and to make space for you to heal, grow and show up as your whole self without apology. You are not alone on this journey.

My offerings include:

Heartcentered Virtual Membership

Sacred Gatherings1:1 Support

Akashic Record Readings

Whole Mama Membership For centuries women have gathered in circles across the world to support each other by holding space for each others dreams, stories and real authentic connection. Almost every mother I’ve talked to has shared the challenge of trying to find deep and meaningful relationships with other mothers, also affectionately referred to as “mom-friends”. This inter-generational sisterhood is intentionally designed and facilitated to support a deeper exploration of self through a supportive community of mothers, carving out space for what we often put last on our list – self-care.

This project is a home grown, grassroots and community led initiative helping mothers restore their wholeness all over the world. We are fueled by our membership, those mamas who pay extra, offer a little more to those mamas who may need a scholarship to join. Together we explore our visions for the future and the world we are creating for ourselves and our children, we unveil fears and barriers holding us back from taking the leap in to our dreams and we practice restorative rituals to help us find greater alignment. It feels like being wrapped in a big, cozy warm blanket of support.This membership is for you if....You are on a journey to restore your wholeness.You are looking for a way to get back home to yourself.You want a deeper connection to your purpose.You are in need of tools and strategies for protecting your energy. You want to create a safe and sacred space for yourself and your family. You are drawn to magic. You believe in the power of seasonal living. You want to expand your light in the world. For just $30 per month, you can have all of this and more.

The Whole Mama Membership and Community is a safe space for you to devote yourself to your wholeness. Not only will you gain the support of sitting in circle with mothers on a similar path you will also receive curated content to center YOUR well-being and greater a deeper connection to your true essence. Every month you will be guided to connect with your mind, body and spirit to honor and unleash your inner magic! Read More...


Birth Doula
Health and Wellness Coach
Parent Coaching
Postpartum Doula


Licenses + Certifications

Certified Life Coach
Masters of Public Health (MPH)


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