Katie Haun Schuring

Founder of Much Love Gifts


Minneapolis-based Much Love creates gifts to celebrate growing families from baby's arrival through the return to work. Beautifully crafted and curated from experience.


Much Love gift sets and products recognize those challenging, amazing, and overlooked moments in the postpartum period. Celebrate a child's promotion to Big Brother or Big Sister, soothe and nurture a new mother as she heals after delivery, and support a working mom when she transitions back into the workplace. Click on the links below for more information on each gift set and products that are fan favorites.

New Mama gifts

The New Mama gift set is a specially curated box is designed to soothe the body and nurture the soul after delivery.

Much Love New Mama gift box with images of products (a jar of balm, lotion, peppermint patch, etc).
New Mama deluxe gift set

Big Brother ♥︎ Big Sister gifts

Celebrate their new promotion to Big Brother ♥︎ Big Sister with this fun, interactive, and creative gift set.  

A gift box in the center with sunglasses and toys around the edge of the box -- in the box are crayons, a "I've been promoted" sticker, activity sticks, and stars.
Big sibling gift set

Working mom gifts

The Back-to-Work gift set is the perfect way to recognize the exciting and challenging transition back to the office at the end of maternity leave. This box set provides everything for those first few days to feel connected when back to work.

Feminine hands with polished nails opening a gift box in front of a computer on a wood table.
Back to work gift set

Shipping Options

Love our stuff and want to send it afar? No problem! We ship nationwide using the US Postal Service priority mail.

About Much Love

Founder and maker, Katie, started the company after experiencing the challenges of Fourth Trimester first hand.  From her experiences with birth, nursing, returning to work, and having a second child she found a passion to celebrate, motivate, nurture, and support families during a time of tremendous change and transition. By day Katie is an architectural historian and preservationist, and by night (after the kids are tucked in) can be found working on Much Love.  She lives in South Minneapolis with her husband, two boys, and three pets.

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