Ihotu Ali

Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA
Black Moon Body Work


I am a holistic health practitioner specializing in myofascial release therapies including Craniosacral, Arvigo Maya Abdominal, and Prenatal and Infant Massage as a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner. ® I offer massage therapy, health coaching, pelvic steams and nutrition support for all bodies, especially those with menstrual, pelvic or low back pain, digestive conditions, or a sense of disconnect or discomfort around womb, sexuality, and reproductive health.My experience over the last ten years in femme and family health includes work as a birth doula and lactation counselor, yoga teacher, rape crisis counselor, women’s health program manager and public health researcher. Raised between Minnesota and Nigeria among traditional chiefs, woodswomen, midwives and herbalists, I strive to offer evidence-based care in warm spaces that are also affordable, consent- and trauma-informed, gender fluid, and ancestrally rooted.My coaching mindfully integrates African and other indigenous practices through modern forms of ceremony and circle, cleansing, altar making and dream analysis, and is rooted in a more indigenous pace of life - making space and setting boundaries around work and family in order to slow down, feel more, and honor our monthly cycles and need for rest.


Massage Therapy
Postpartum Doula
Yoga and Fitness


Survivor of Sexual Abuse
Survivors of Previous Trauma

Licenses + Certifications

Masters of Public Health (MPH)
Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner


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