Erica Bell

Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA
Birth Doula, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Spanish Interpreter


Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese I grew up in Minneapolis, MN and have had a very well-rounded education as well as a breadth of life experiences.

In my mid-20's I became a doula and assisted 5 amazing births, each was unique and incredible, and I learned more than I could have ever imagined I would. I was then called away to do other things at that time, career-wise, and ended up moving to the Bay Area of California. I have worked in many fields, including, coffee importing, farming, project coordination (for an inventor), personal and executive assistant (for a New York Times best-selling author), Marin County Coordinator for AuPair in America, and sales positions with eco-travel companies.I lived in California for over 13 years and recently returned to my hometown of Minneapolis, MN, to be closer to family. I am currently working part-time as a medical interpreter in Spanish. I am in the process of certifying as a kundalini yoga teacher, to which I will add pre and postnatal yoga soon, and I'm re-certifying as a doula with DONA (Doula's of North America).

In my spare time I enjoy singing and writing songs on my guitar, going to concerts, hiking with and training my Lagotto Romagnolo (Italian water dog) nosework and other tricks, practicing and teaching kundalini yoga, and practicing qigong and hatha yoga from time to time.When I can I attend the Childbirth Collective education nights, and I am also in the process of becoming a tri-lingual doula with Everyday Miracles. I'm excited to return to working as a doula and hope to integrate the pranayam (breathwork) and meditations of kundalini yoga, which science is now showing can improve many medical conditions, decreasing bodily inflammation, stress and anxiety by activating the vagal nerve. It is also a very important spiritual practice for me (non-denominational) and has helped me in my own healing. If you would like to set up an interview for doula services or if you are interested in learning more about kundalini yoga, please reach out to me via email or phone. I look forward to speaking with you and supporting you on your journey in any way I can! Warmest wishes,Erica Bell612-237-4743


Birth Doula
Yoga and Fitness


Licenses + Certifications

Certified Birth Doula
Certified Doula
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher


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