Daniela Montoya-Barthelemy

Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA
Mama Sin Vergüenza offers radical care grounded in data, elevated through intuition!


Daniela is a queer Chicana from a small town in northern New Mexico reclaiming "Sin Vergüenza". She is a full spectrum doula, a coach, a writer, a researcher, and an educator.  Mama Sin Vergüenza provides coaching and education sexual and reproductive health rooted in social justice aiming at decolonization. Mama Sin Vergüenza was born out of her first son’s birth and her passion for sexual health and social justice.

The services offered reflect her gifts in balancing strategic health research with holistic modalities of care. Daniela aims to support individuals navigating the life and death cycles around reproduction and trauma transmutation. She loves getting into the nitty-gritty academics around public health research and enhancing that knowledge through intuition. In addition, she is integrating Mexican Traditional Medicine and somatic psychology practices into her services as she learns more from trusted teachers.


Birth Doula
Full Spectrum Doula
Health and Wellness Coach
Pelvic Steam Therapy
Postpartum Doula
Fertility Care
BIPOC Provider


Birth Center Birth
Cesarean Birth
Domestic Violence
Families of Color
First Time Parents
Home Birth
Hospital Birth
LGBTQIA+ Experience
Medicated Vaginal Births
Previous Birth Trauma
Survivor of Sexual Abuse
Survivors of Previous Trauma
Un-medicated Vaginal Births

Licenses + Certifications

Masters of Public Health (MPH)


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