Angie Sonrode

Outside of the box care for families of all shapes and kinds


My drive is supporting families; helping them identify their needs while meeting them where they are at, then helping to guide them to where they want to be. My journey to birthwork started after my first was born in 2003 when I gave birth with the invaluable help of my doula. A spark was planted and shortly after my second was born I completed my doula training and found that I was where I was supposed to be. Two more kids and 12 years later I still have the same passion for supporting families and I have added Postpartum support (I LOVE overnights), Lactation support, Tuck-In services (to make sure you are all settled in after the birth) and Parent Coaching to the list of ever growing ways I can help serve families.Being a mother to 4 kiddos does not mean I have all the answers, but it does mean I can be creative in problem solving, multi-tasking and provide a non-judgmental ear (and that while haven't seen it all, I have seen a LOT). I believe in shared experiences and laughter and will help you process all of the emotions and feelings that come along with the territory. Even though parenting can be one of the most incredibly gratifying things you will ever do, it can also push you to limits you didn't know you had.Additionally, along the way I discovered a deep rooted passion for Postpartum parents and together with my partner started a 501 c3 Non-profit dedicated to changing the conversation around postpartum bodies and expectations, called Mid Drift Movement. We are one episode complete in our ongoing Docu-series that addresses things like body image, postpartum changes and societies expectation that people "bounce back" after having a baby. I have spent the last 4 years conducting workshops, holding screenings of the Episode and helping people to love their postpartum bodies. While I do not have a website for my own doula business, you can see what I do with my crew on our Mid Drift Movement pages.Being able to play a small role in a family's journey is an incredible honor and one that I do not take lightly. I am here to support you whatever your path may look like and I look forward to connecting with you. Feel free to reach out at or call me at 612 481 2911. I love making time for a chat.


Birth Doula
Parent Coaching
Postpartum Doula


Bed Rest
Birth Center Birth
Cesarean Birth
Chest Feeding
Experience with an SNS
Extended Nursing (beyond 18mos)
First Time Parents
Home Birth
Hospital Birth
LGBTQIA+ Experience
Medicated Vaginal Births
Over 40
Plus Size Bodies
Postpartum Mood Disorders
Solo Parents
Teen Parents
Tongue Tie
Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)

Licenses + Certifications

La Leche League Leader (LLL)
Lactation Educator Counselor (LEC)


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