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With a community of evidence-based, family-centered birth workers, we are transforming the business of birth.

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We've talked with hundreds of birth workers and care providers and consistency hear the same thing: self promotion and marketing is hard. We're taught not to do it. Let's us hype you and your amazing work!

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Families need your services, but don’t always know how to find you. We’re technologists who know how to navigate the digital landscape and get you found.

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For every five paid memberships, we provide a fully-paid membership to a birth worker of color, as well as those working with immigrant communities. ​

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Mina’s incredible community of verified providers represents more than 40 services and specialties from fertility through postpartum care.

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Business toolkits, communication channels, workflow management, dashboards and more.  We make sure you have what you need to grow your business.​

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Our Members Say

"The community and platform that Mina has created is something truly special. I feel honored to be a part of such an innovative and inclusive community.... So often I hear from families that they don't know what they don't know. Wouldn't it be nice if I had a solid resource list to send them to with trusted providers available in their area? Well now there is! The best part is that I get to connect with these lovely providers at Mina meetups and continue to strengthen this beautiful birthing community that has already been gaining so much momentum!"

Jenna Goldsmith, DC
"Mina has been a community of trust and support through days of triumph and days of hardships. They have an abundance of love, guidance and encouragement for those who have been called to birth work. They are constantly finding ways to connect, deepen relationships, and provide solidarity, which for business coaching, is incredibly important. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with so many others who are working towards the same goal of birth support within the community."

Amy Vetsch, Wholly Mama Birth Doula

Frequently Asked Questions

Mina Scholarship Program

Efforts to help birth workers would be incomplete without acknowledging the disparities that families of color experience compared to white families.

Higher Maternal Mortality Rate

In the United States, Black women are more likely to die from complications of childbirth than white women because of systemic racism. Doula support, midwifery care, and culturally appropriate care have been shown to improve perinatal health outcomes for BIPOC birthing people.

Respectful, Appropriate Care​

Studies show that birthing people that don't receive respectful care are less likely to seek care in the future. Culturally appropriate care for families cannot happen without access to providers that look like them and share their lived experience.

For every five paid memberships, we provide a fully-paid membership to providers that identify as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color, as well as providers working with immigrant communities.

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