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Did you know that in the US, we spend the most money in the developed world and have the worst outcomes? And we are the only nation in the developed world without paid parental leave.

From birth outcomes to maternity leave, it's just not working. The current system in the US is not working for families. That's why we built Mina: to unearth the data and the truth about childbirth and reproductive health in the US.

You're here because you're looking for something different -- a system that works for you. Whole-person care that puts your family's needs at the center, above profit or policy. Care that is evidence based and rooted in dignity and safety.

You've got this

Seriously, you do. But that doesn't mean you need to do this alone. Finding the right provider for you can help you achieve the birth and postpartum experience you want.
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Where should I birth my baby?

Like data? We've got you. We believe in informed choice. And that means knowing the data.

Did you know that the biggest risk factor of having an unplanned surgical birth is where you birth your baby?
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Preparing for birth and postpartum

Discover the difference of whole person care with evidence-based birth providers and professionals.

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