SEO for Midwives and Doulas

Rank higher in search results so families can find you

Do you want more business in 2021?

Yes? Well, that's great news because people are looking for you.
Searches for doulas, midwives, and lactation consultants are surging.

Have you been avoiding your website?

We don't want to admit this, but we've been peeking at the internal workings of your website, and the answer is yes.

We can't expect much from a garden that isn't watered. And the same can be said about a dusty website.

A good website can help you get discovered and make that best first impression you need to get hired.

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The Community SEO Course is for you

Maybe you haven't had a good experience with your website or it seems intimidating. In this course, we'll help you take your power back over your website and make it work for you. Let's demystify SEO and give you the toolset you need.

You deserve it. Self promotion is hard, but your work is good and people need to find you.

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What is a Community Course?

Glad you asked! A course designed with community makes scary things less difficult.

It's a circle or a group of people with a shared experience and shared goals. We've been offering community business and tech coaching for birth workers over the last year, and it works.

It also reduces the cost of hiring an SEO consultant. With this course you get the same outcome as our regular SEO package, for half the price.

Five benefits of learning in a community:

  1. provides a safety net when putting yourself “out there”
  2. gives you accountability toward your action tasks
  3. helps you find your “voice” and clarify your goals
  4. facilitates giving and receiving support
  5. helps you realize you’re not alone

What you'll get in this course

Support tackling your biggest business asset. We're going to take your website, dust it off, and put Google on notice that they need to re-index your site in their search library. Head into 2021 with the tools you need to hit your goals.

An SEO Pro

An instructor with a deep background and knowledge of SEO and websites.


A community of peers with a shared commonality of goals.

Resources & Tools

Tools to make improving your website a breeze, and get results.

Technical Structure

An audit of your website so you know what needs help.


When you get stuck, you have access to get one-on-one help to get unstuck.


Tips and tools for optimizing your website's SEO metadata.

SEO Community Course $499

  • 4 week course (January 4th - 29th)
  • Weekly live course workshop with hands-on support
  • 2x weekly class times (in case you're at a birth, we've got you)
  • Lifetime access to tools and course materials
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The Nitty Gritty Details

If you're serious about getting more web traffic, this is the course is for you. You get a full audit of your website and we'll teach you how to fix the issues.

Discover lurking website issues that are easy to fix, learn practical ways to improve your website, and become more discoverable, accessible, and credible on the web.

We audit the technical structure of your website: the links, meta data, structure, and rank position. This helps find issues that might be preventing your site from better ranking, accessibility, and user experience.

If you are comfortable managing your website design, but need a little help with the more technical details, this is a great place to start.
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✅ Identify keywords based on your business
✅ Ensure website structure is optimized for search engines
✅ Optimize meta data for search engines (page titles, page headers, and meta data descriptions)
✅ Check page speed and load time
✅ Site map for search engines to understand your site
✅ Submit to search engines to re-index your site
✅ URL Optimization: structure, design, internal link building, anchor text, redirects
✅ Image optimization (size and alt text for accessibility)
✅ Formatting for snippets and preview
✅ Crawlability    
✅ Website Errors
✅ Website Warnings
✅ Accessibility
✅ Site performance
✅ Backlinks Check
✅ SERP Features
✅ Semantic Review
✅ Average Rank Position
✅ Domain Rank

Why Mina?

Mina was built to radically transform birth. We believe this starts with access to midwifery care, doulas support, and lactation education. These care providers enable better outcomes for families. Better birth and more supported families means stronger communities. And we’re here for that.

But we can't realize this future without the ability for families to find evidence-based providers and information.

That's where we come in. We're a birthy, creative, techie combo who is building a better web for birth resources and providers that is connected, modern, and represents your work.

Read more about the Mina crew.

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