A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

Saint Alphonsus Ontario Maternity Center

351 SW 9th St, Ontario, Oregon, 97914


Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, Ontario provides expert staff trained to help educate mothers through the birthing process, and make the experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Each mother has her own private birthing suite, where labor, delivery, and recovery will all take place. Mothers may choose who can be involved in the delivery, and to what extent they can be involved. After delivery, the baby will stay in the room to bond with the mother and family. Mothers can spend as much time with their baby as they desire, and the baby can sleep nearby and feed when hungry. Should the mother need some rest, specialized nurses are around to care for the baby. Nurses are trained to educate the mother on breastfeeding, and referrals to a lactation consultant are available. Mothers who give birth at Saint Alphonsus, Ontario will also have access to home visits by trained nurses, if they live in Malheur or Payette County.

Cesarean Birth Rate
Hospital Transfer Rate


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