A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

Roots Community Birth Center

1901 N 44th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412


Roots Community Birth Center in Minneapolis exists to make out-of-hospital birth accessible and welcoming for all families. They offer whole family care, prenatal care, natural birth, water birth, post-partum care, and breastfeeding support. Roots is a small practice maintaining a personal connection. They provide individualized and comprehensive care, VBAC and a doula internship program, as well as comfortable, home-like birth suites with skilled midwives and Nitrous Oxide for pain relief.

Primary Cesarean Birth Rate
Hospital Transfer Rate

Pregnancy Risks that are not supported

Hypertension, non diet controlled GDM, twins, breech, VBAMC, seizure disorders, cancer, non ambulatory.

Pregnancy Risks that may not be supported

GDM, lack of person to be at home in postpartum, heart conditions, other significant health issues
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