A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

OHSU Tuality Healthcare

335 SE 8th Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon, 97123


OHSU Tuality Healthcare's Family Birth Unit is a "Baby Friendly" designated hospital, and they use best practices when teaching new mothers how to breastfeed. The labor, delivery, and recovery process all take place in the same room- where mothers and babies can bond using skin-to-skin contact and natural feeding for the first few hours. Skilled nurses are also available to help when the new mother needs some rest. The nursing staff attend Doula classes to help assist each mother through the labor process. Each room is private, with a family kitchen equipped with snacks for the mother and birth partner. Facilities are available on the unit for Cesarean sections. Mothers are permitted to have up to three designated support people in the room with her during labor, and other family members are permitted to wait in the comfortable waiting room.

Cesarean Birth Rate
Hospital Transfer Rate


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