A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

Metro Midwifery

1619 Dayton Ave. Suite 109


Compassionate, personalized community midwifery care and home birth services, offering comprehensive prenatal care, home birth, water birth, postpartum and newborn care, ongoing lactation assistance and placenta encapsulation by Britt Jackson

On Choosing an Out-of-Hospital Birth
The most important aspects of choosing an out-of-hospital birth is that your birth setting feels like the safest, most comfortable option and you have a close, personal, trusting relationship with your midwife. You should be able to tell your midwife just about anything, and should feel heard, seen, and valued in every interaction. Be prepared to do research, make informed decisions about you and your baby's care - this can feel overwhelming at times, but is part of what makes home birth so empowering! Spend time normalizing birth as much as possible, be intentional about holding space for you to begin walking this journey before your birthing time begins.

Cesarean Birth Rate
Hospital Transfer Rate


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