A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

Elemental Midwifery

194 Main St #104, Ellsworth, ME 04605


Women are the creatresses of life, a bold and powerful role within the web of existence. Through their bodies, life is created and birthed. “Happy Birthday” is deeper than it suggests, meaning welcome to your incarnation, embodiment, and souls journey. I wish to honour these spirits before they land, as they grow and gestate within their mother’s womb’s. The process of Elemental Midwifery care works to establish a connection with the consciousness that is growing within by setting aside time in pregnancy to communicate with the spirit. Through meditation, visualisation, prayer, and ritual, a pregnant women can connect and commune with their baby to be.

Primary Cesarean Birth Rate
Hospital Transfer Rate

Pregnancy Risks that are not supported

Pregnancy Risks that may not be supported

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