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Birthing Options

7248 Brushy Creek Road, Lucedale, MS 39452


At the very young age of 18, I gave birth to our first son. A very medically-managed vaginal birth. To a young independent girl, it was the most joyful event in my life but unfortunately, also the most painful and humiliating. I came away wondering how on earth and why would my precious Grandmothers have ever done that 6/10 times on purpose and at home natually????? So my pursuit of knowledge began........ I decided to become a certified childbirth educator; choosing American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth (Bradley). My Husband, Andy, and I drove all the way to Orlando, FL from McLain, MS; dragging along our 2 year old son and my Mother (to care for him) while we attended the workshop. Margie and Jay Hataway taught the class; with Dr. Bradley coming in and out frequently. It was 1981. No one else knew it but I was already expecting our second son.

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