A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center

13160 Jerusalem Hill Rd NW, Salem, Oregon 97304


Belle Vie Gentle Birth Center provides two midwives to care for mothers during pregnancy, and one of the two midwives will be present for the birth of each baby. The midwives at Bella Vie focus on preventative care early on in pregnancy, and they guide expecting mothers through antenatal appointments with extra attentiveness to the needs of mother and baby. The midwives at Bella Vie firmly believe that birth is a natural process for both mother and baby, and the best of holistic care is combined with medical testing and monitoring. If the pregnancy is high risk, the midwives will refer mothers to caring OB/GYNs, naturopathic physicians, and perinatologists without taking unnecessary risks. Bella Vie experts are trained in providing advice on homeopathic and naturopathic remedies as a supplement to or in place of other Western medicine treatments. Bella Vie also provides private suites with large tubs suitable for water birth.Bella Vie’s midwives are a great balance between tradition and technology. We love birth and supporting families through the process! We are in-network with many insurance companies and are able to work with most others. We are cognizant of the position Covid-19 has put birthing people in and want to be helpful and supportive in this time. We have gone to great lengths to protect our staff and clients from exposure to it. For pain management, we have nitrous oxide, water birth tubs, and the support of midwives who know all the tricks to helping people through labor and birth. We provide a free, one-hour consultation for anyone who is interested in care at Bella Vie.

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