A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

Aurora Birth Center and Aurora Family Health and Maternity Care Services, LLC

21358 OR-99E, Aurora, Oregon, 97002


Aurora Family Health serves patients throughout the Willamette Valley. The Aurora Birth Center prioritizes holistic birth practices, and they are particularly supportive of women seeking a homebirth-style environment. They offer highly trained midwifes, water birth, fetal monitoring, and pain relief options like nitrous oxide. Aurora Family Health midwives will also see mother and baby for all office visits to guide mothers through the whole antenatal and porstpartum process. The Aurora Birth Center also provides the assistance of doulas and lactation professionals. Standard emergency medications are available, and should the mother and/or baby need to be transferred to a higher level of care, the birth center maintains good relationships with all nearby hospitals. Healthy and organic meals are also available to all mothers who labor at the Aurora Birth Center.

Cesarean Birth Rate
Between 3-4%
Hospital Transfer Rate


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