A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

Andaluz Birth Center- Dundee Cottage

21861 NE Hidden Springs Rd, Dundee, Oregon, 97115


Andaluz Birth Center believes that mothers and babies both naturally have the ability to work together in the labor process, to create a meaningful and memorable birth experience. Andaluz enlists the services of trained midwives to help mothers through the birthing process. Andaluz midwives will come to your home, and they can provide portable pools for an in-home water birth. Mothers can also give birth in the Andaluz Birth Center, which is equipped with numerous private suites and large birthing pools equipped for water birth. Andaluz also helps women achieve Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBACs), if they have had a prior Cesarean section. Andaluz also enlists the help of primary care naturopathic physicians to continue care after the mother delivers and the baby is born. There are a wide variety of community-building events and educational classes available for expecting mothers at Andaluz. This birth center serves women and families that live in the Yamhill County area.

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