A graphic drawing of a hospital and a birth center.

Alma Midwifery Services LLC

1608 SE Ankeny St, Portland, Oregon, 97214


Alma Midwifery seeks to guide mothers through receiving the best care via evidence-based practices. Alma Midwifery is covered by certain insurances, and they will also work with you to bill insurance for out-of-network costs, if necessary. Alma's providers will assist with home births, home water births, and births in their very own birthing center. They are currently working on gaining hospital privileges in a few nearby hospitals- and they will gladly assist mothers in labor at a hospital, regardless. Many of the midwives also have numerous other certifications and areas of experience, prioritizing natural and allopathic medicine for expecting mothers. Alma's midwives will provide antenatal and postpartum care for mothers. Each birthing suite is large and private, and nitrous oxide is available for pain relief at the birth center. Women who give birth at the birth center will also be able to receive extra screening for fetal Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD). Alma Midwifery Services is accredited by the American Association of Birth Centers.

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