Minnesota Birthplaces

Minnesota is known for its robust birth community and is one of the top states for health outcomes of birthing people. We think there's something to that.

A birthing person in a birthing tub.

Explore Minnesota Birth

Whether you're just starting your search, or you're changing providers mid-pregnancy (yes, you can do that), you can browse birth centers, home birth practices, and birth hospitals across Minnesota.

Minnesota Birth Centers

Minnesota is home to several birth centers. And many of them have several locations. If want to know more about what a birth center is and how they are different than a hospital, check out the Mina Glossary.

Minnesota Home Birth Practices

Homebirth most often occurs at the home of the birthing person. A highly skilled midwife and typically an assistant attend the birth together. They follow the midwifery model of care which sees pregnancy, birth and postpartum as normal physiological events with limited interventions, rather than a medical event. If want to know more about home birth and how they are different than a hospital, check out the Mina Glossary.

Minnesota Birth Hospitals

98% of babies are born in the hospital. It used to be that hospitals were for medical reasons, like a planned surgical birth, or a health issue that required the birthing person give birth at a hospital. In the US, birth has become fear driven and has normalized hospital births. With the poor outcomes in birth, newborn, and perinatal health (the US ranks 170 of 225 countries -- source: CIA), the data shows where you birth your baby is a huge indication of the risk factors.

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