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Research shows that people look at sites that rank in the top five of the listed search findings. They ignore almost everything else. The number of families searching for birth and postpartum professionals is growing steadily. Help them find you.

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94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected  a website

Source: IronPaper

Get prepared to be discovered

Birth work is a hustle. Birth work is a hustle. You're in your zone of genius squeezing hips or analyzing latches. You're also doing it all from marketing and social media, to business and tech management. Having a good website can take some of that heavy lifting by making you more discoverable and making the best of that first impression. But not just any website -- how it’s built matters. These are the three major components needed for websites that rank higher in search results.

Technical Structure

Think of it this way: it would be nearly impossible to read a book without chapters, paragraphs, and punctuation. Likewise, if search engines can't crawl your website, they can't rank you. If your site isn't secure, Google will down rank your site. Yikes, let's fix that. Mina audited hundreds of birth websites and found most lack basic building blocks for an effective website.

User Experience

Google has said that user experience (UX) is a big factor in how they rank your site in search results. And for good reason: user experience is paramount. What is UX is how people experiences your website -- is it easy to get the information they need, to take the next step, to understand your services? If they feel stuck, they will leave.


Hey, you know some stuff! You’re an expert, in fact. Creating content about the things you do, and keeping the words on your website fresh, current, and helpful helps your website rank higher for those topics. And this helps people looking for answers to their questions. They are looking for you, and you want to be found. Win-win!

Traffic that Converts

Getting traffic to your website is half the battle, but do they convert to customers? Not only can Mina help you get more traffic to your website, we can help you convert those visitors to customers. After all, isn’t that the point?

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Our Process:

1. Audit website
2. Refresh and fix errors
3. Submit to search engines to re-index
4. Measure and adjust

SEO Report $275

Discover lurking website issues that are easy to fix, learn practical ways to improve your website, and become more discoverable, accessible, and credible on the web.

We audit the technical structure of your website: the links, meta data, structure, and rank position. This helps find issues that might be preventing your site from better ranking, accessibility, and user experience.

If you are comfortable managing your website design, but need a little help with the more technical details, this is a great place to start.

‍✅ Crawlability    
✅ Website Errors
✅ Website Warnings
✅ Accessibility
✅ Site performance
✅ Backlinks Check
✅ SERP Features
✅ Semantic Review
✅ Average Rank Position
✅ Domain Rank

SEO Package $997

If you already have a website that's easy to manage, but you're serious about your business getting more traffic, this is the package for you.

You get a full audit report and we'll fix the issues for you.

✅ 45 minute strategy call
✅ Identify keywords based on your business
✅ Ensure website structure is optimized for search engines
✅ Optimize meta data for search engines (page titles, page headers, and meta data descriptions)
✅ Check page speed and load time
✅ Site map for search engines to understand your site
✅ Submit to search engines to re-index your site
✅ URL Optimization: structure, design, internal link building, anchor text, redirects
✅ Image optimization (size and alt text for accessibility)
✅ Formatting for snippets and preview
✅ Up to 10 pages (additional pages $75/page)

Website Refresh $3,299

You'll get a brand new website! Or a refresh of your current site. AND because we build and ship websites for SEO, this package includes the SEO Package items above.

✅ 5 pages: Home, About, Services, Contact, +1 bonus page
✅ 1 third-party integration (for example, your online scheduler)
✅ You provide the content, we'll optimize your copy for user experience, conversion, and SEO
✅ Includes stock photos or your photos
✅ Website Privacy and Terms and Conditions
✅ Connect to your domain and configure DNS
✅ Additional pages $150 each

Why Mina?

Mina was built to radically transform birth. We believe this starts with access to midwifery care, doulas support, and lactation education. These care providers enable better outcomes for families. Better birth and more supported families means stronger communities. And we’re here for that.

But we can't realize this future without the ability for families to find evidence-based providers and information.

That's where we come in. We're a birthy, creative, techie combo who is building a better web for birth resources and providers that is connected, modern, and represents your work.

Read more about the Mina crew.

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