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We are here to support a radical transformation in care for birthing families and beyond

We acknowledge that our modern health systems are rooted in a history of white supremacy and patriarchy. The outcomes for families show the truth of this and that racism and sexism are still alive and well in the birth systems. We have the worst perinatal health outcomes in the developed world, yet spend the most money. Health outcomes in birth are far worse for Black, Indigenous, and people of color regardless of education or socioeconomic status because of racism and weathering.

Yet we witness the work of leaders in birth, like Jennie Joseph (The JJ Way®), Rebecca L. Dekker, PhD, RN, LCCE (Evidence Based Birth®), and Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH (UMN School of Public Health), that have proved through their methods and research that we don't need to accept these outcomes. The answers to these problems exist. It's time to take the evidence and overhaul the system.

Mina exists to support this transformative work through a better web for birth. Our tech, birthy, creative team supports birth and wellness professionals with web tools to create sustainable businesses and be discoverable to families.

Together, we are cultivating a community focused on a world with equitable, holistic, person-and-family centered care. Care that brings about healthy outcomes and empowered, dignified experiences for all humans.

Learn more about our founding story.

Founding Story

Meet our team

Kristen Womack
founder + CEO

ENTJ, technologist, and obsessive reader who loves being in nature. Working toward a more equitable future, starting from birth. A generalist that can tell a good story, write code, prototype an idea, talk to customers, and loves building teams.

Melissa Gutierrez Nelson
Community Outreach, Doula + Educator

Doula, prenatal yoga teacher, childbirth and mindfulness educator. Birth advocate and community builder. Type-A ENFJ. Married with grown-and-flown kids. A cool mom. Just kidding. A regular mom.

Andrea Fay
Community Outreach, Nutritionist + Writer

Mom to three amazing kiddos who have to endure her fascination with health related concoctions. Lover of amazing food, good reads, frequent belly laughs and spending time with kind, interesting and inspiring people.


Ashley Hathaway

Product Strategy + Tech Product at USDS. Previously Pivotal, IBM Watson. Speaker. Volunteer.

Caroline Karanja

Product, Tech, + Teams. Founder of 26 Letters, developer, speaker and author on inclusion, technology, and workplace culture.

Debby Prudhomme

Birth Community. Founder & Executive Director of Everyday Miracles.

Jasmine Russell

Business Development. Founder & CEO of Monicat Data, Co-Founder of The Fourth Wall MSP, Board Member of GiveMN, previously a speaker curator and emcee for TEDxMinneapolis.

Kate O'Reilly

Consultant, entrepreneur and personal coach. Rogue philanthropist. Content, ideas, growth. Speaker on confidence, women getting paid what they’re worth. Founder: Hot & Fresh; CleverKate INC.

Kyle Hale

Marketplaces + Strategy. Product, Marketing + Strategy Advisor at Compound. COO at Bitesquad (acquired). Sales, product and operations at Leadpages & Drip (acquired).

Lona Dallesandro

Business Development + Tech Product Mgmt and Biz Dev Executive; Former AT&T, Best Buy, Autodesk; Successful startups include Motive, SeeControl, Telespree.

Mayuri Patel

Business, Customer + Market Development. Sales, Client Services and Market Development at Karat.io and Silicon Valley Data Science.

Michelle O’Brien, MD, MPH

Medical. Family physician with public health focus in maternal and child health and functional medicine.

Paris Wallace

Business + Strategy. Co-founder and CEO of Ovia Health, a leading women’s health and technology company. Mentor for Techstars Boston, Founder of Good Start Genetics.

Steve Bayer

Product & Service Design. VP Product & Design, Physera, previously Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at RetraceHealth.

Thompson Aderinkomi

Business. Co-founder of Nice Healthcare, Co-founder of Relate, previously Co-Founder and CEO at RetraceHealth.

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